Farewell Morgan The Tallest Female Dog

Last week Cathy and David suddenly lost their beautiful and beloved Great Dane, Morgan. One moment she was playing in the park, the next moment Cathy was cradling her in her arms. Many hearts are broken for Morgan’s family…mine included. We are all keeping her loved ones in our thoughts.

Morgan was as a gentle giant, that entertained thousands on her Facebook page with her daily adventures. She also used her stature to show her support for rescues such as Danes in Distress.

She was well-known in the Dane and dog community…because the statuesque Morgan was in fact a Guinness World Record Holder for being the Tallest Living Female Dog In The World!

She measured 38.6″ at her shoulders and weighed 207 lbs and she just turned 6 last month (FUN FACT: we shared a birthday).

Coincidentally, Morgan’s passing comes just over a month after Zeus, the Tallest Living Dog In The World left us. He was a few days shy of his sixth birthday. How incredible that these two gorgeous dogs met each other.

I was lucky to meet and photograph Morgan, her Yorkie sidekick Penny and family at Pet Valu in the spring. She was invited to tour Ontario as the “spokespet”, raising awareness for rescue during Pet Valu’s Pet Appreciation Month.

She signed many a massive pawtograph on her road trip!

Morgan’s momma says, “A Great Dane face is what captures your heart… their devotion to making you smile & laugh everyday holds it forever.”

I couldn’t agree more. Morgan, we will never forget how you made us smile.

Please head on over to Morgan’s Facebook page to leave some love for her family.

MORGAN  – September 9, 2008 – October 1, 2014 – Guinness World Record Holder “The Tallest Female Dog in the World”

(photographed March 2014 at Pet Valu, Strathroy)

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One response to “Farewell Morgan The Tallest Female Dog”

  1. Lindsay Flynn says:

    Beautiful post. Thank you for this. Made me cry… I wish they could live forever….
    I’ve been thinking about Morgan and her family since she passed away and I know she’s watching from heaven above. I know that Scooby will help ease the pain.
    She’ll never be forgotten.. Until they meet again….


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