Dear, Liza With a ‘Z’

I spent a wonderful day at the beach with Jennifer and her fuzzy best friend, Liza. The love between them was an absolute joy to be around. We took in the gorgeous Toronto day by strolling the beach and fishing for rocks. Liza, a sweet gentle old bear of a gal (of 12 years young), with the soulful face of a wise wizard, had a lot to say when I didn’t throw the rocks fast enough. By the time we got back to their beach house, we had worn her out and she was ready to lounge. Well earned graceful lady. See at the beach again very soon.


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Here is the 12×12 custom photo album I made of their time together (click here to fully enjoy in HD):

Best Friends – 12×12 Custom Photo Album from Marcia Leeder Photography on Vimeo.

3 responses to “Dear, Liza With a ‘Z’”

  1. Patricia Lynn says:


  2. Tami Genge says:

    So amazing. Beautiful. Very emotional photos.

  3. Judi Tomac says:

    Oh you two ladies are wonderful together. What great memories to have

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