Recent Favourites October 1-15

“GOOD MORNING” greetings from my handsome wake-up crew! 

sending good vibes to our family dog, Kea, who hasn’t been feeling well lately. 

in honour of Cat Week on The Ellen Degeneres Show, i can’t miss posting a phot of my funny and curious kitty character, Archie. 

can you just imagine the high pitched little voice in his head, “wait for me! wait for me! wait for me!”

this gorgeous creature came wandering into my shoot on the street yesterday. 

a 48×24 canvas is just about my entire arm span. 

today i was all alone in the middle of a paddock crouched down taking shots of the horses in the distance. all of a sudden i felt a warm presence against my back. i turned around and discovered this stealth creeper. 

it’s a good thing that he’s handsome because he certainly wasn’t gifted with any natural eye/mouth coordination. 

FACT: a basset hound is incapable of hiding behind a tree. 

Little Dude is not the only one with big dreams in Washington, D.C. Here’s Tichka. 

BREAKING NEWS: a last minute candidate has entered the presidential race. his goal is to become the next First Dog in the White House and i can’t help but endorse him. VOTE LD 2012! 


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