Recent Favourites July 16-31

Happy August! Here are my favourite photos from the last two weeks of july.

I have tricks for bringing cats out of hiding.

Karma isn’t the first kitty i have met that enjoys hanging upside down. 

Lexi already has her sea legs… as you see, she can easily sleep in a moving boat. that’s our girl!

you’ll never guess who became the bestest of friends at first glance.

let’s start off the week with some happy news. my aunt and uncle have welcomed a new family member. meet wee little Lilly! they had been so completely heartbroken since Maggie’s passing, that it’s so fantastic to see them smiling again. puppies have a way of doing that, don’t they?

feeling blue? perhaps you need a hug from Pretzel. feel better now? 

what’s the first song that pops into your head that mentions the word “shake” in it?!

horse love.

on this day 11 years ago, i took my last self portrait with puppy Tichka in Morocco before she began her journey to Canada (via France). my family picked her up and we were reunited a month later. it seems like only yesterday. where does the time go?

“happiness is the sun on your face and the wind in your ears” – MDL

Here’s a funny one of Archie and Cam. Read the captions here.

so great to hear our wee pal Figment is getting back to himself after his leg injury. yesterday he celebrated his first birthday. happy belated little guy!

the elusive two-headed cat emerges from her den to hunt her prey. 

it’s a great week for a swim… or two, or ten. stay cool!

Is there anything better than relaxing with the ones you love


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