Weekly Facebook Round-up

Summer is in full swing! Here’s what you missed (or what you want to revisit all over again!) on the MARCIA LEEDER PHOTOGRAPHY facebook page. i finally got my boating licence this year. yesterday i took my skipper and my first mate out on my maiden voyage to help keep a look out for all things exciting. apparently we weren’t the only “loons” on the lake another one of my pals celebrated a big birthday recently. happy 14th birthday Bijou! it’s hard to believe he’s a senior on looks alone doesn’t it? he still looks like a puppy to me. only a few weeks old and already she’s giving me the diva “no more photos please” gesture. this Friday is Take Your Dog To Work Day. is your work place dog-friendly for the day? will you be bringing your dog to the office?   today is the first official day of summer in this part of the world. i don’t know about you, but i feel as giddy as these two cuties. i just may have broken into a skip or two myself…happy summer! i introduced the cats to the hammock today. Cameron became an instant fan. not that i’m surprised…cats reign supreme when it comes to relaxing! Dillinger’s family had a big scare scare yesterday, when he went missing from the Calgary area. so happy to report that he’s back home safe and sound. is he not super-duper handsome or what?! i walked into the room and saw THIS. then i went downstairs to the kitchen to bring back a mop and bucket to clean up the mess i had made where my heart had exploded.  Coby is such a pro at catching the ball, he can do so with his eyes closed. show-off.  “GOOD MORNING” from another Costa Rican beauty. are those ears not to die for?!  today the cheech-man turns 3! he is still as curious, as energetic and as entertaining as a kitten. happy birthday to my handsome guy!

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