Farewell Maggie

our family woke up to heartbreaking news this morning. my aunt and uncle had to make the painful decision to say goodbye to their beautiful, sweet Maggie May though the night. she was such a lovely soul, who was loved by all and lived an amazing life…if just not long enough. Maggie was a big part of our family too, as my parents often took care of her. i got to spend some wonderful time with Maggie at the cottage a few weekends ago (more photos to come). it was so comforting to see her, because she reminds us so much of our Kea (who we lost in late March). we would like to believe that the girls are happily reunited now. huge love to you Aunt Lee and Uncle Tom. ~ Marcia xo

i found this darling shot of when Maggie met Tichka and Kea (her elders by 2 years). the three girls were together a lot and the best of pals. i can’t believe our Airedale beauties are gone now.

just a few weekends ago Maggie was having so much fun with Tichka and LD at the cottage…big hikes in the woods, stalking chipmunks in the rocks and lounging on the dock. while it is still so hard to believe the she is gone, it’s comforting to know she had so many happy dog moments near the end…and tons of love from her family.

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