Recent Favourites March 16-31

sending some extra love and positive vibes to two of my favourite dogs… Matrix and Earl Grey. are they not completely gorgeous?! it’s easy to adore those faces. 

Make sure you find time to relax! 
did you ever worry that your cats and dogs wouldn’t get along when they first me, then watched them become the best of friends? and your heart melted into a gigantic puddle on the floor?

here’s a puppy-pick-me-up! does this lift your spirits? 

i have a handful of exhausted gingers on my hands. they sure partied hard today. 

it breaks my heart when i leave a client’s house. come on… seriously… look at that face… killing me! winning a dog’s approval makes you feel pretty special, doesn’t it? 

this weekend we walked down by the water, met some swans, talked politics and environmental issues (everyone was very chatty). 

the catnip has been compromised. i repeat. the catnip has been compromised. is this the culprit or an innocent bystander in the wrong place at the wrong time? hmmmm….

Meet my new next door neighbour. welcome to the hood, Sonic! 

i hope you find your lucky four leaf clover today… just try not to eat it! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

Happy first day of spring… or is it?! someone isn’t too impressed with the current weather. 

Charlie here enjoys being vacuumed. 

Turn off the lights and have a snuggle in the dark! assdgdsdsgdsf


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