Recent Favourites January 16-31

on this chilly winter day i feel like taking a mental trip back to that hot summer day in 2009 when i got to hang out with these two smiley characters, Bonnie and Clyde. yep, i feel warm and fuzzy now. 

LADIES. my advice for you to help soothe your cramps during that special time of the month. you will only need two things:

1) a warm cup of rooibos tea.
2) a heating pad across your belly (even better if it’s a furry one). 

the North American Flying Fox Dog can also be spotted in the winter time. if you blink you might miss him. 

today i fell head over heels in love with a dog named Chili… and he fell in love with my dust blower. Archie has been such a good boy when i administer his subcutaneous fluids. i found containing him in a box and massaging him helps keep him comfortable and calm. 

two little monkeys got a pawdicure this week, courtesy of Christine from Metro Hound. i am obsessed with their perfect paws and have always been amazed at how similar they are. 

wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to two of my favourite bully-gals. Charley and Britty… keep being awesome! 

good morning. puppy feet. that is all. 


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