Recent Favourites November 16-30

5 years ago on this date, a tiny fox-like dog came into my life. it took mere seconds for him to capture my heart completely. today, i find it difficult to even remember a time when i wasn’t under the spell of my Little Dude and his magical big ears. 

GREAT IDEA for exercising your herding dog: a giant ball and a big field. they will be entertained for hours.
i know they get a bad rap, but i think pigeons are quite pretty up close. 

Archie is always curious about the new visitors that come to the house. 

my monsters have been enjoying daily walks on the beach this week with their amazing walker (and friend) Stacey of ‘A New Leash on Life.’ they fit so nicely into her pack, don’t cha think? Stacey also offers in-home therapeutic canine massages in the Leslieville (Toronto) area and beyond. Check out her site here.

when the sun is shining in November don’t waste the day… go to the beach! 

Happy World Toilet Day! in celebration, Archie is demonstrating his impressive flushing skills. 

yesterday in the woords i had a rare sighting of that flying dog again. 

and then there was the time the dog climbed the tree during our session together… like 50 times… and he wasn’t a Coonhound. 

confession: i enjoy nibbling on my dog’s ears. if that makes me weird, so be it… but i have a sneaking suspicion i am not alone here… 


wishing our American neighbours a Happy Thanksgiving filled with love and laughter, family and fun. (Tichka and Little Dude on the Mayflower dock. Plymouth, Massachusetts. September 2011).

having a not-so-typical job, i take every opportunity that comes my way to do cool things. this was me “on the job” last week. looks up…. waaaaaay up! 


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