How I Wake Up

as soon as i start to stir i hear the thumps of a happy tail against the covers. as soon as i open my eyes, the first thing i see is the inside of Little Dude’s mouth as he yawns (the first of many). there’s nothing quite like the waft of stinky dog breath to wake you up. his SUPER YAWN makes me laugh out loud every single morning. it’s impossible for me to wake up in a bad mood…impossible.

then we snuggle for a few minutes…and then Archie starts playing with my feet.

Archie moves his way up to my face and settles in for some snuggles.

he begins to paw my face, “get up…i want food!”

everybody gets up and stretches…and we’re ready to start the day!

leave me your morning wakeup routine with your animals in the comments below.

6 responses to “How I Wake Up”

  1. Stacey Grieve says:

    Those pictures are great! Very funny. We start our morning with snuggles from Tater and Roogie, who then get into an on-the-bed wrestling match, which never fails to make me laugh out loud! I agree, it’s hard to wake up in a bad mood with the furry clowns around.

  2. Victoria Sparks says:

    Kody rarely wakes us up in the morning (we are very lucky like that!) But he is not opposed to morning snuggles if invited!

  3. Luisa Verticchio says:

    I usually wake up to the feeling that someone is staring at me…and then I hear heavy breathing…

  4. Michelle Micallef says:

    Priceless. I can relate. 🙂

  5. Ryker says:

    What a blissfull way to wake up each morning!

  6. Chev says:

    I wake up at 8.04 exactly, without fail. I have NO clue how she does it. I am woken with a cold wet nose in the eye. If I do not respond immediately, I get another cold wet nose in the eye. I then open said eyes and am licked like crazy by a labradoodle that seems really surprised that I am awake. I then get up and while I am in the bathroom, Molly Malone gets into the warm spot I vacated and goes to sleep.

    No one else would put up with this I swear.

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