For The Love Of Charley

i can’t tell you how excited i was to meet Charley, the bulldog puppy. other than her obvious cuteness, the most exciting part was that her photo shoot was covert mission for a surprise birthday present (i love being a part of a surprise)! so Charley’s human grandpa (and her number one fan) brought her to Toronto for a secret session with me. oh what fun we had! i can completely understand how he fell in love with her so quickly.

now that the birthday photobook¬†has been revealed to Charley’s momma (HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIMBERLY!), i can now showcase the ridiculously adorableness that is Charley. i double-dog dare you to not fall in love with her by the end of this post!

to see more photos of Charley, check out her music video (click the icon in the bottom right to view fullscreen):

3 responses to “For The Love Of Charley”

  1. Carol Haynes says:

    OMG! You are KILLING me with all the cuteness today…First Bijou and now Charley!

  2. tara says:

    charley is absolutely adorable … love the fold over her nose, so cute! the photos of charley with her grandpa are fantastic; you’d think she belonged to him … in their hearts i’m sure! : )

  3. Lindsay Shostal says:

    Now that’s some real bully love…

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