Le Beau Bijou

meet my new little pal, Bijou, the handsome Bichon Frisé. Bijou just turned 13 on May 29 and recently went through some health issues. thankfully he’s turned a corner and and is back to his good ole self! we spent some time hanging in his condo and walking around the condo grounds. he really loves his stuffed animals, especially his bunny. seriously…check out those bedroom eyes. what a charmer!

check out Bijou and his larger than life canvasses. make sure to check out his music video at the bottom of the post.


to see more photos of Bijou, check out his music video (click the icon in the bottom right to view fullscreen):

3 responses to “Le Beau Bijou”

  1. Christine Bode says:

    These are awesome Marcia and made me go awwwww out loud!

  2. Carol Haynes says:

    I love how you always manage to capture the essence of the dog and owner. Love love the Frank Sinatra song!

  3. tara says:

    marcia, these photos are so incredibly special … you absolutely captured the essence of bijou and his owner, an essence of love and peace, for certain.

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