Pet Valu – May 12, 2012 Photo Shoot

i hope everyone had a fantastic time at the Pet Valu (Front and Princess Street, Toronto) grand opening  a few weeks ago…i know i did!  i photographed over 60 dogs and one cat (some are pictured below).

thank you to everybody who came out and patiently waited in line. an extra shout out to those who came in from out of town! i loved meeting all of you and your animals.

your prints are now ready for pick-up at the store (184 Front Street East, Toronto). i would love to hear what you think of your images, so please feel free to send me your feedback.

also, if you enjoyed the event and your time with me, please send a message to Pet Valu and maybe there will be another event like this one in the future…

WANNA CHANCE TO WIN AN 11×14 ENLARGEMENT of your animal’s image? get on over to the Marcia Leeder Photography Facebook page and find out how to enter!

UPDATE June 4, 2012: click here to find out who the winners of the enlargements are.

SNAP Toronto covered the event. check out the link to the video and photos. if you see a photo of yourself, you can purchase a copy of it from their site (check out the photo they took of me and Okta).

also check the Marcia Leeder Photography Facebook page for an album of all the images. like, comment, tag, share and invite your friends!

2 responses to “Pet Valu – May 12, 2012 Photo Shoot”

  1. Lynda D Hixson says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures Marcia…….. Woody doesn’t look so solemn and Flynn has his ears forward…… GREAT work girl……. some of the other pups are wonderful….. love the little rag mop at the third from the end on the bottom line…… way too cute! As always a pleasure to see you and watch you work. I have taken a couple of the noises you make and I have practiced them…….. they worked well a couple of weeks ago when I had to snap some pictures of a toller litter. Can’t wait for the next time…….. keep up the good work :0).

  2. Brian Lee says:

    SO CUTE!

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