i adore these two regal ladies…Ellanor, the stunning Dorberman, and Evelin, the little rescue from Trinidad.

i spent the afternoon with them, hanging out at their house…chillin’ on the deck, wrestling and digging in the yard and even the promise of a car ride…just a usual awesome day in the life of two dames. Ellanor and her beautiful smile.

Evelin…such a gorgeous girl!

“Let us in!”

somebody gets pretty happy on car rides.

Ellanor proves her ‘lady’ status by always sitting side-saddle in the car.

who the naughty one here?

“look what i just did?!”

and now it’s PLAY TIME!
Ellanor, are you stuck?!

like any good street dog, Evelin can turn on the ‘poor me’ look in seconds.

let’s do tea again soon ladies.


3 responses to “THE LOVELY LADIES E”

  1. Victoria Forbes says:

    My two ‘lovely ladies’.

  2. Simona Patrascu says:

    Indeed, Lovely Ladies, Eleanor and Evelin, beautiful as always <3 Love them very much <3 Happy Birthday!

  3. Victoria Forbes says:

    Tomorrow is the big day. Ellanor will be 5 and Evelin will be 2. Happy birthday fur babies!

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