Weekly Facebook Round-up

it was an eventful week to say the least. check out everything from the MARCIA LEEDER PHOTOGRAPHY FACEBOOK PAGE all in one post.

a huge loss for our city and our country this morning, so someone is wearing his moustache in tribute. rest in peace Mr. Layton. our thoughts are with your family.

apparently he really liked wearing it so much, he chewed another spot…naughty boy.

OKAY, OKAY…i’ll throw the ball for you! (some dogs are just a little too demanding…)sometimes i allow dogs to do bad things just to get a funny shot. just call me The Enabler. CUTENESS OVERLOAD ALERT!!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, i present to you the original use for the ‘Cone of Shame’. i kid you not…i did not pose this shot. the cone was on the ground, she tunneled into it, it tipped over on it and this was her attempt at an escape. she sure picked the wrong end.

BREAKING HEADLINE: ‘Man’s Best Friend’ takes a chunk out of ‘Girl’s Best Friend’. my poor boogie-bean…she gets all stressed out during thunderstorms. thankfully a dose of Rescue Remedy calms her down within 10 minutes. Happy ‘French Your Ferret Friday’! to be a part of the thousands who gathered outside of Roy Thompson Hall today to pay our respects to an amazing man, was an overwhelming experience to say the least. albeit an emotional day, my heart is full of hope, love and optimism and i thank you for that Jack. xo this was a wonderful tribute and a beautiful sight to see from my street last night. i think they should light it in orange more often.

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