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yesterday we took a trip to the Mojave Desert…err, i mean the local dog park. come on Mother N…bring on the rain this week! who’s with me?!

somebody was super excited last night that he got to watch ‘So You Think You Can Dance Canada’ with his favourite dancer beside him! being the super-fan that he is, he voted his little paws off for her…Go Lauren Go!!!!my new favourite workout…PUPPY PRESSES! lift, curl, kiss, uncurl and lower for 20 reps or until you can’t stand the cuteness anymore!it’s true…i love all creatures great and small. i rescued this dainty damselfly (perhaps it’s a Banded Demoiselle?) from drowning in the pool. he sat on my finger drying out his wings for almost 10 minutes. if anyone can properly identify this little beauty, please send me a message. WARNING: it’s the hottest day of the year in Toronto.
REMINDER: do not leave your dogs in the car.
please re-post and pass this important message along. stay cool everyone! as we made a pit-stop at one of Archie’s ads, the look of disdain was apparent on their faces. don’t worry guys, you’ll have your own billboards one day too. by the way have you found Archie’s ad yet?
meet the master and mistress of pathetic faces. whad’ya think, should i let them in? (and no, this wasn’t taken on an extreme heat day).as much fun as the cats are having playing hide and seek, today is the day i deal with the shelving unit i broke while trying to put together a few weeks ago. sorry guys. don’t worry i’ll most likely break something again soon.



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