Weekly Facebook Round-up

here are the Marcia Leeder Photography Facebook page posts from last week. please share with your friends by clicking the ‘like’ button below. ENJOY!

North, South, East and West don’t know what to do with themselves now that their weed garden has been purged.

June 20: 9 years ago today i found a dirty, flea-ridden puppy on the side of the road in Morocco and she changed my life for the better.oh my…i’m embarrassed to admit it, but for the very first time i actually made a dog cry. oh Tekila…you’re such a delicate girl.

CREATE YOUR OWN CAPTION WINNER (which made me laugh out loud!) from all of these awesome entries:

“I pooped in the closet…don’t tell mom!” – Grace Rock

Happy ‘Take Your Dog To Work Day’, or as i like to call it ‘Make Your Dog Do All The Work Day’! FYI: he’s pretty talented at using the mouse, but his typing skills are atrocious!

i took a trip to Montreal and my new friend took an instant liking to my camera bag. check out in the next photo what kind of critter he is. a ferret’s body is similar to a newborn baby’s…so incredibly bendy! meet Bandit the ferret.


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