Weekly Facebook Round-up

ENJOY the posts from the Marcia Leeder Photography Facebook Page.


the handsome Kobu wishes you a happy Monday, lickety split!

when you book a session with marcia leeder photography, i can guarantee three things:
1. beautiful images will be captured for you to cherish for a lifetime.
2. an unlimited supply of unadulterated fun.
3. post-shoot comas, that will probably last until the next day.meet Leroy, the adorable little fuzzball Pom. yesterday my Cammy Cam turned 5 years old, but with everything going on, i decided to celebrate it today instead. she already looks like she’s planning on having a fantastic day! wanna know more about Miss Cameron? click here WAAA HOOOOOO! who’s excited it’s Friday?! get out there and enjoy the day!

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