The Lady Jane Show

recently i met a sweet and shy rescue dog looking for a home. i just couldn’t help taking a few photos of her beautiful face.

meet the lovely Lady Jane. she is available for adoption through the Southern Ontario Animal Rescue.

i asked her foster momma to tell me all about Lady Jane…since she has gotten to know her best:

Lady Jane is a Fila Brasileiro/Lab cross, around 2-3 years old. she was a ‘teen mom’ and quickly (and sadly) thereafter ditched by her owners, who claimed to have had “found her”. she was underweight, still full of milk that her teats were infected. now that’s she’s been taken care of, she has really started to shine after only a very short time. she is ready and willing to listen and learn, always looking to me for direction…whip-smart she is!

she is looking for an active family that will keep her on the go. she absolutely LOVES bike rides and runs like the wind! she would also make a great running/rollerblading partner. she has also taken up swimming as her new summer hobby. this beautiful girl has tons of energy but at the end of the day she just wants to curl up in your lap (which i truly believe is her favourite pastime). she is the biggest cuddlebug ever! this lady is all about human companionship.

Lady Jane gets along very well with her foster brother and sister (both pit bulls). she would also be okay in a home with a dog savvy cat. she may scare a shy kitty as sometimes she will give chase…but it’s all in fun to her. my cat is quickly showing her that it isn’t fun for him. she is learning that if a cat stands his ground she better back off or she may get hurt…ouch!

i think she would be an excellent candidate for agility/dog sports. she loves to jump and wow can she ever jump high! she might even have a future as one of the SuperDogs, she’s that awesome! ‘The Lady Jane Show’ is in the making…i can see it now with the right training and family.

please contact me or Southern Ontario Animal Rescue if you feel Lady Jane would make a good match for you, your family and your lifestyle!

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  1. Lady Jane's Foster Mom says:

    Marcia – These are great photos! but what a difference in her expressions now. To me, in these pics, she still has that lost, sad look as I had only had her a day or so before you arrived. You should see her now! That sad old look is gone and its been replaced with such bright happy eyes! Thank You so much for posting about her!

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