Weekly Facebook Round Up

ENJOY the posts from the Marcia Leeder Photography Facebook Page! please pass the link along and invite your friends. i love hearing what your favourite are!


although not technically perfect, this stills stands as THE BEST OUTTAKE i have captured yet. when you gotta go, you gotta go!

some days you can feel a little bit too exposed and violated.

today i’m wishing two of my favourite old boys good luck as they go under the knife today. Angus and Earl, i look forward to seeing your goofy smiles again soon! Happy Birthday Alison! May your day be as fantastic as tickling puppy bellies is. today we met with our friends Kobu and his momma for a walk. here is the gang, post-walk…happy tongues aptly hanging. today i wish my beautiful niece a happy 7th birthday! only someone related to me would be happy to play sports in a party dress…that’s my girl! xoxo wishing everyone a safe Friday the 13th. as usual i recommend you stay away from strange looking fellows wearing retro hockey masks. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANICA! here’s another sneak peak for you…you glamorous lady! beautiful Dotty, farewell sweet lady. i was very lucky to have met you last month. thinking of you Sandy.

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