Archie’s Present

i love to capture all the moments that happen living with my two dogs and two cats. whether those moments are cute, hilarious, messy or down-right disgusting, one thing is for sure: they are always spontaneous and real!

so let me share the latest ‘real’ moment that happened today…WARNING: if you are easily grossed out, don’t scroll down.

okay, so you’re curious…

so, for the past week, i have left my patio door open, so that the gang can wander in and out of the backyard at their leisure. early this evening, while i was working away at my desk, i heard the jingle jingle of one of the cats entering my office. i turned around to see Archie (who is 10 months now) standing there proudly in my doorway. he had something to ‘show me’ in his mouth…oh ya, it was a dead squirrel! he stood there and looked me in the eyes for a few seconds, then turned back around and headed back downstairs. (my apologies to my potential client that i was on the phone with at the time. i think i might have let out a few curse words in horror.)

my jaw dropped. oh, how nice of him to come celebrate his first kill with me! as shocked as i was, my instant reflex was to grab my camera and follow him down to the kitchen, where i found him looking quite proud of himself. i think i even caught Tichka and LD high-fiving him, as he was just initiated into their ‘kill club’.

i get it…it happens. it’s nature, the food chain, the circle of life. speaking of, if you haven’t seen this popular YouTube video of an adorable little girl learning about death in an innocent and curious way, check it out (it also involves a squirrel).

the dogs have depleted the squirrel population in the park. Cameron has caught a few mice, one bird and wrestled a rat in her day. (every once in a while i get to save one).

but i’ve had to do my share of body clean-up. it’s never fun, but right now i’m thankful that i’m not the woman who’s cat brought her ‘present’ in the form of a dead mouse and left it on her pillow while she was sleeping. well, i’m not that woman…yet.

9 responses to “Archie’s Present”

  1. Danica says:

    Wow! Nice catch, Archie! I get plenty of moles and mice (and a whole nest of possums, once) but squirrels are a toughie.

  2. Karin says:

    That was one freaky video! I don’t think the little girl learned anything about death actually, but glad her parents were so sensible about the whole thing.
    I have to ask…did Archie eat his catch or just play with it a while?

  3. Tabitha Holman says:

    Thumper brought me a dead mouse once and put it proudly on my pillow while I was sleeping. It was still in the trap too. He was an indoor cat his whole life, so that was the only “hunting” experience he ever had. And I was the “lucky one” he decided to share it with.

  4. stacey says:

    Wow, I made it into one of your blogs! I`ll be sure to share this with the cat who left the mouse on my pillow! LOL

  5. Janet says:


    That is soo funny…. My first JR Penny used to leave dead mice at my front door and she was very proud that she was protecting the house from varmints…

  6. Nina says:

    Oh, Archie! What a good boy to protect everyone from the big, bad squirrel. I, too, had a cat who brought home “presents”. Nevermind that I was a little girl and named him Peanut Butter Fluffball aka Fluff–he was a big tomcat and took care of business.

  7. Lynda Hixson says:

    WOW …… Archie actually brought it to you ….. how sweet. Woody just eats them :0( He got another one the other night …… he brought it part way to us on the deck and then decided that he came close enough and he just tipped his head up and swallowed ……. wish I could have got the pic of him with the tail hanging out of his mouth :0)

  8. Vickie Sparks says:

    What an honour he bestowed upon you – he looks so smug lying their next to his prey! Tichka and LD have clearly been teaching him some nasty habits!!!!

  9. Vanja says:

    I just love their presents….my cat Luna beside mice, birds, insecets brings us clean, just washed socks from neigbourhood, male, female, all kind of socks….she used to bite off parts of our socks when she was baby so this way she is fixing her kittenhood mistakes, we have full plastic bag of socks from neighbourhood..ouh yeah, who ever washes car and forget washing sponge outside she brings it too, sponge and sock mania. And our young male brings little kittens (alive), so we usually have to look for owners..XD

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