The Great Girls

meet Trixie Bumblebee Animalfarm and (the ever-fabulous) Ethel Mumblestein or as they are known on the street: Trixie and Ethel. make sure to check out the video at the bottom to find out how Ethel (aka Miss Mumbles got her name).

Trixie is a gorgeous 4 year-old Great Pyrenees who had her world shook upside-down by Ethel, the Great Dane pup…the new addition to the family. she was only 9 weeks at our session (now she’s the same height as Trixie…and still growing.)

it was beyond entertaining watching these two play and bond.

(FUNNY SIDENOTE: although i didn’t get a chance to capture it, Ethel used to use Trixie as a soft furry bed and would lay on top of her…until one day she got too big and Trixie decided she had had enough.)

i love these two girls…love them!

Trixie Bumblebee Animalfarm

pensive Trixie.

happy Trixie!

tired Trixie.

Ethel Mumblestein (aka Miss Mumbles)

yum…that’s a tasty foot!

Trixie, are you feeling a little left out while your dads are snuggling with that ‘furry invasion’ of your world?

well she won’t be able to be held like this for too much longer…

Trixie sniffs out her new competition.

“please big sister…play with me!!”

trying to keep the jaws of the beast at bay…

well…she couldn’t hold her off forever (to those who are shocked in horror right now, i can attest that they are only playing).

VIDEO EXTRA: find out how ‘Miss Mumbles’ got her name:


4 responses to “The Great Girls”

  1. Danica says:

    Ahahaha! Those are great! Love the one of Ethel trying to shove Trixie’s (enormous) maw away! Now we need pics of Ethel all grown up!

  2. Rose says:

    They’re GRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT (I couldn’t resist that one)! Beautiful dogs and photos! I would also love to see a photo of Ethel now that’s she is bigger than Trixie.

  3. Tara says:

    absolutely gorgeous dogs! i remember your photos of when ethel was just a little pup. i love her coloring. great danes have always made me swoon. : )

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