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it was a chilly, windy and rainy day at the Cherry Beach clean-up today, but these two were such good sports…they even let me put their jackets on them.

today we had a few unexpected visitors…Maddie and the surprise snow flurries she brought along with her. Emma (of Kelly’s Dog Walking and Pet Sitting) was one of the brave souls who attended the very windy and rainy Cherry Beach clean-up day over the weekend. today is my girl Tichka is 9 years young! i rescued her from the streets of Morocco when she was just a puppy. you can read more about Tichka here or you can view her baby album here.

BIG NEWS: i’m getting out of photography and getting into the booming biz of doggie porn! The first title i’ll be directing is ‘Knick-Knack, Paddy Whack: Give A Dog A Bone’…ha, ha…sooooo kidding! HAPPY EARTH DAY! in celebration for today, Tichka is proudly wearing some of it on her nose (don’t worry, i’ll make sure it makes it back to where it came from). my adorable Easter Bunny is also my Birthday Boy today. Happy 4th Birthday to my Little Dude! meet my new friend Rudy, the mini aussie pup i just met this morning. yep, i got my puppy snuggles in this weekend…i’m happy! check out this hilarious video if him learning to climb stairs.

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