Weekly Facebook Round-Up

here are the Marcia Leeder Photography Facebook page posts from last week. please leave your comments on your favourites in the section below.



i’ll give you one guess as to what the name of this sweet little pup is. (HINT: she’s a-DORA-ble, isn’t she?) the day a young girl gets her first puppy is a life defining moment. who remembers exactly how they felt that day their first dog came home?there are clearly days when the beach is just a little too windy (and too sunny) for shoots. P.S. love your sails Barney, but don’t get carried away! some days it can be tough to make decisions…such as, “what crumb should i pick up first?” it sure is a dog eat dog world out there! (side note: it’s funny to me how dogs innocently playing can look so ferocious in one frame taken within a fraction of a second). meet Trixie and Ethel! beautiful and loving pit bulls, get ready…it’s your time to shine. i am working on a very special project…this model search is only the beginning!is it just me or does this little guy remind you of E.T.? i melt every time i catch Archie and Cameron getting closer and closer.


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  1. Sandra Magill says:

    Hard to believe only 2 months ago Zack was so small. He’s at least twice as big now!

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