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in light of the remarkable tale of Patrick, (the pit bull mix puppy who was abused by neglect and thrown down a garbage chute), Ginger (the GTA pit bull sentenced to death row) and all of the other heartbreaking stories circulating in the media in North America right now, i wanted to give all the beautiful and loving dogs out there a chance to have their stories told.

“dogs are an honest reflection of their humans and their environment. i believe that every dog that is given love gives it right back.” ~ M. Leeder

are you ready to help me shed some light on the dogs you know and love, that are being ignorantly stereotyped and getting a bad rap in society?

Enter my Model Search for a BSL Recognized Dog to be part of a very special project that is in the works.

if you are interested, available and able to travel to Toronto next week (between April 19-21, 2011) for a photo shoot with Marcia Leeder Photography, please copy and paste the following questions below and answer them in an email and send to (subject line: BSL Model Search).

due to the high volume of emails expected to be received, at this time i will only be contacting the family chosen (on Monday April 18th, 2011).



1. what is your name, location and telephone number?

2. what is/are your dog(s)’s name, age and breed (staffs, pit bull types and all dogs banned under BSL are welcome)?

3. what are the qualities that makes your dog(s) unique (ie. character traits, tricks, things that make you laugh)?

4. how did your dog(s) come into your life (ie. rescue, puppy mill)?

5. how has your dog(s) changed your life/your family?

6. what is the most difficult thing you face on a regular basis having a BSL breed in your life?

7. what would you say to someone about your dog to help change their mind about BSL?

Please also include up to 3 photos of your dog (and with you) in your email.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Comments in the section below are more than welcome, but for your own privacy and security reasons, do not copy and paste your answers there.

and remember to…

PASS THE LOVE ON! if you know of any friends or family who might meet this criteria, please forward this post to them or post it to your Facebook wall. you may also share this link by clicking the ‘like’ button below).

i am hoping that this project gets bigger and bigger, so we can help change the face of BSL.

i look forward to all the submissions!

4 responses to “BSL Dog Model Search”

  1. Tara Enever says:

    this is great marcia … good luck!

  2. Fran C. says:

    I have passed this on and do not envy the decision maker. Be prepared for LOTS of wonderful entries, including mine.

  3. George Maloney says:

    That’s my grandaughter molesting Che in the picture above.
    We have a 7 yr old Staffie, Dozer by name, who came to us from the Rolana Kennel. His registration name is Rolanas Karalyn’s Pal.
    He is a prince among dogs and a wonderful ambassador for his breed.
    Unfortunately we cannot get him to wear a muzzle. If we get one he can’t wiggle out of he’ll tear his face up to get it off. All the neighborhood kids love him and some come over just to play soccer with him. He picks the ball up and leaves when he’s had enough.
    We are located in Oshawa. Dozer does not like posing for pictures but he can be tricked.


  4. Karin says:

    This photo contest needs to be shouted out far and wide to the media. Maybe a sponsor could step up and help Marcia put together a photo book highlighting these beautiful dogs before they become extinct in this province and even more persecuted elsewhere.

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