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hey all you wonderful dog lovers,

i am looking for a single person or couple (either without children or empty nesters) with one dog to join me for a photo shoot this Sunday April 10, 2011 (mid-morning/early afternoon) at a location in Toronto. the session will be recorded on video.

if you are interested, available and able to travel to the location, please copy and paste the following questions below and answer them in an email and send to

IMPORTANT NOTE: For your own privacy and security reasons, do not leave your answers in the blog comments.

1. what is your name(s), location and telephone number?

2. what is your dog’s name, age and breed? (please add some fun character traits as well)

3. how well does your dog behave off-leash? (please be honest)

4. are you comfortable bring interviewed on video?

5. why are you interested in having your dog (and you with your dog) photographed professionally?

6. why would you choose Marcia Leeder Photography as your photographer?

please also include up to 3 photos of your dog (and with you) in your email.

if you know of any friends or family who might meet this criteria, please forward this post to them or post it to your Facebook wall

due to the high volume of emails expected to be received, i will only be contacting the family chosen (on Saturday April 8th).

i look forward to all the submissions!

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