Weekly Facebook Round-Up

here are the Marcia Leeder Photography Facebook page posts from last week. ENJOY and forward on to your friends.


check out the April/May issue of Dogs in Canada Magazine (page 28) with more of my photos of these adorable pugs.or check out the online version here.

(NOTE: no photographers were harmed during the taking of this image).

today was bath day for my guys. for a boy who loves swimming, LD is quite the drama queen in the tub. let’s see what his sister thinks of the bath…

nope…not much love for tubtime here either on Tichka‘s face. Happy Birthday to Molly dog who’s 15 years young today…amazing! Go Molly! thank you to everyone who took part in our Va-Va-Voom model shoot yesterday, especially to our contest winners Danica and Carter, who drove a whopping 8 hours both ways. You are rockstars! Peachy Keen Pets and I had so much fun! it seems as if Archie is really going to miss the mattress that has been taking up space in my house for over a month. too bad buddy, i won’t miss it at all. Tichka and Archie have been debating whether or not we should keep our new foster puppy…hmmmm…I wonder what they will decide… meet my three newest gal pals. (yes, they are PBGVs)

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