Honey and Barney

meet Candice and her awesome dogs, Honey and Barney. we had a lovely afternoon at their home and then we were brave enough to head down to the beach on a cold and windy day. nonetheless, it was a treat to capture the love between these three.


Honey, the smiling girl.

Honey giving me her best argument on why i should give her a treat. Yep, she won.

this is Barney…seriously…is he not ridiculous?!

i dare you not to fall in love with him. those hound dog eyes get me every time!

Honey had a recent health scare, but i’m happy to report that she is back to normal…in fact she’s better than ever!

i hope this one makes you laugh as much as it makes me.

we then ventured down to the beach…it was an exceptionally windy day.

even though the lake is still very cold, that didn’t stop Miss Honey from frolicking…acting just like a pup!


4 responses to “Honey and Barney”

  1. Christi Lingard says:

    Beautiful pictures!! Weird, I am a single girl with elderly dogs who are a yellow lab and beagle too!

  2. Danica says:

    Lovely, as usual. And the butt/head photo made me laugh pretty hard.

  3. Nikki says:

    oh my little man is so cute! and honey is a pretty lady as well! not to mention my beautiful sister! xo love them they are so nice!

  4. Lydia G says:

    I love the last one
    the connection is great

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