Weekly Facebook Round-Up

here are the Marcia Leeder Photography Facebook page posts from last week. ENJOY and forward on to your friends.


it’s time for another round of ‘Rockem’ Sockem’ Kitty’! look out Cameron, Archie’s got a mean left hook!

i’m looking forward to seeing my new friend Honey tomorrow. glad you’re feeling better girlie! i’m so excited about being reunited with my little buddy Zack tomorrow. i wonder if he is tiny enough to still fit into my jacket? probably not. i don’t need to bring any more animals home…not when i can grow my own within a week. Archie seems to like his new playmate. Carol, Coby says he wants to play ball for your birthday…such a sweet boy. we wish you a great day whatever fun you two get up to! Ye beware, not to cross Captain Cameron, or ye be walking the plank…YARRRRRRRRRRR! thanks to Julian Osen for taking my photo of Cameron one step further. hilarious! i must admit…i’m looking forward to a little more snowfall to be able to capture moments like this (from the archives, 2005). who’s with me?!alright, alright…enough complaints about the snow people. embrace it like this cute little pup does! c’mon…powdered puppy muzzle has got to make you smile!

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  1. Crystal says:

    <3 Pirate Cam!

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