Weekly Facebook Round-Up

Here is last week’s round-up of Facebook posts. Feel free to leave your comments on your favourites below.

i think kitty noses look like perfect little kissable pink hearts. Happy Valentine’s Day!

i came home to the loveliest surprise delivery from a one-in-a-million friend…chocolate covered fruit! the dogs were hoping i would share my Valentine’s treat, but alas it is not good for them. ALL FOR ME!!!!

today we shall start the day with a SUPER stretch from Archie…goooooooooooooood morning!

Tichka, where’s your brother?!” Can anyone else find Little Dude?

sometimes i have to jump in and save a tail or two from Archie the vampire. he’s definitely cut off from watching those Twilight movies.

ever have your foot attacked by a gang of thugs…err, i mean pugs?!

now if you came home and THIS was on the couch (which is supposedly off limits), would you have the heart to tell it to get down?NOTE TO SELF: get a padlock for the cat food bin.

meet Tichka, the snow-gator.

now that the spring melt is upon us, who is willing to admit loud and proud that their backyard sorta looks like THIS?!

4 responses to “Weekly Facebook Round-Up”

  1. OK, I was having a hard time choosing till I got to the last shot. It’s a winner!
    Although I gotta say your household looks like a barrel of monkeys!

  2. Anne says:

    I like the picture of Little Dude snoozing on the forbidden couch just like Scooby would do if he could.

  3. Vickie Sparks says:

    Sooo hard to chose, but I think my fav is LD on the couch – love the expression on his face! Nice blue nail polish BTW!

  4. Charlie says:

    Those pugs are just the sweetest little things! Your clan of gingers are pretty darn cute too!

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