Weekly Facebook Round-up

at least once a day on my Marcia Leeder Photography page on Facebook i post an image that makes me smile, laugh hysterically or go “awwwwwwwww”. it’s usually from a recent shoot or from the daily adventures of my gang.

i thought it would be a fun idea to round-up all the images into one post on a weekly basis from now on, in case you missed one or JUST NEED to forward the smiles on.

if you haven’t discovered us on Facebook, hurry up and join in the fun and invite your animal-loving friends.


i kept wondering why my office was so cold, until i finally discovered that i have a little blockage on my vent.

one of the main reasons i love dogs is they are always honest about how they feel about you…so thanks for the raspberry, Shadow!

excuse me little miss, but i think you’re a tad young to have a smoking habit.

how many puppies do you see at first glance?

“Momma, it’s too cold out. i’m just going to stay in bed today, if that’s okay?” – Cameron

i love my job and i shall count the ways with each fuzzy puppy paw. meet Sumo, the Shiba Inu puppy.

happy horse or frozen horse? you decide.

The Archie Gate Bridge: the newest architectural (or rather, Archie-tectural) structure at Casa Leeder.

Happy 3-month Birthday Ethel Mumblestein!

today i’m wishing my sweet friend Bailey a Happy Spay Day! may she heal fast and not have to wear that unfashionable cone too long.

some days i really think that i might be unknowingly nurturing some super-sized egos.

today i went to a party…a PUG PUPPY PARTY! how many do you count?

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  1. Aron says:

    You’re amazing.

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