the water kitty

Archie loves water. okay wait a minute…that’s an understatement…Archie is obsessed with water!

he loves to drink it, play with it and allow it to soak him silly. he could sit for hours in the sink waiting for the next drip to blissfully christen him from the tap.

anytime i enter the kitchen to do dishes (which to be honest, is not often enough), he is right up there on the counter waiting for me to turn on the goods.

if i go to the loo, he bounds into the room (no matter where he was in the house) and hops up into the sink. he’s a smart boy. after every flush comes the washing of the hands. my white pedestal sink is always dirty from paw prints and my mirror is always covered in water spots, from when he shakes.

he even scared the beejeezus out of me one day when he hopped into the shower behind me.

i could turn the faucet on for a slow drip and he would be entertained for hours!

i am just waiting for the day when he figures out how to turn the faucets on himself. oh silly boy…

i would love to hear what your cats think of water…leave your stories in the comments below.


If you have problems viewing the video, you can view “Archie in the Sink” here.

5 responses to “the water kitty”

  1. tara enever says:

    my last cat titian, also an orange short-haired tabby also loved water; he would drink from and play with the slow stream / dripping faucet … endless enjoyment! during his last year or so, he started playing with the water in his water bowl, slapping at it, making a real mess, and licking the water off his paw instead of drinking straight from the bowl … i have some action shots of him doing that in his final month. : )

  2. Bernadette says:

    My Sophie used to watch the faucet drip and talk to it. My current “litter” of four adult kittens were raised in my old bathroom with leaky faucets, and MUST drink every day from the bathroom sink: and They all spend time in the sink, tub and bathroom in general waiting for drops to happen:, but it’s Jelly Bean who makes a profession of it, coaxing me upstairs after breakfast and being as cute as possible so I can hardly resist (sometimes I make him wait so I can enjoy his cuteness for as long as possible): (scroll down)

  3. Naomi says:

    Oy… we’ve got three water kitties at our house!

    Ming (a 14 year old black DSH/Siamese mix, who is missing an eye- our pirate kitty!) LOVES all dripping water. He even turns the faucet on in the kitchen, which is why we now have to turn off underneath when we leave the house. *rolls eyes*

    Then, because my husband refuses to listen to me & feels sorry for him, he gets catered to every morning when Sam “waters” the cats, and he taught this lovely habit to our two newest additions- Felix, a 2 year old orange & white tabby, and Sawyer a 4 month old tabby & white orphan.

    Sawyer likes water enough that she will now climb in the shower with me! So apparently the newer generation will be continuing these habits!

  4. Krista says:

    My little orange guy loves water too. He does many of the same things as Archie and also loves when I put ice cubes in his water dish. We did it a few times during the heat wave and he turned the room into a slip and slide! He also has a habit of getting into his fountain water dish, though now that he’s too big to really get in he seems content to just rub up against it. So adorable!

  5. I swear, that I am falling in love with Archie (and I’ve never been a big cat person because I’m a big dog person) because he’s the sweetest, cutest, most amusing little ginger kitty I’ve ever seen! Keep those videos coming!

    P.S. I’ve seen other cats who loved running water from the tap too but I’ve never owned my own cat because I’m allergic to them. 🙁

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