archie’s first christmas

my 6-month old purr man just experienced his first Christmas and New Year’s.

unfortunately i couldn’t be at home with the cats on Christmas day, so i brought a little of the holidays back to them in two overflowing garbage bags.

i emptied the bags onto the living room floor and made a cat’s dream come true! what curious kitty doesn’t want to jump in, burrow under, roll around and chew up pieces of crinkly colourful paper?

as you can see, Archie had a blast entertaining himself in his wrapping paper wonderland.

perhaps next year i’ll get him a tree to climb?

you just know he’s thinking “WHOA…i hit the motherload!”

i dare you to find Archie in under 3 seconds?


if this isn’t a cat’s dream come true, i don’t know what is!

Archie and Cameron battle it out kitty-style to claim the title of ‘Master of the Heap’.

Archie was so happy he looked THIS spun most of the time.

and on New Year’s eve, he got high on the ‘nip…

and tipsy on champagne (just kidding…it was only ginger ale).

4 responses to “archie’s first christmas”

  1. Anouk says:

    LLLLOOOOOOOVE them ALLLLL!!!! And the commentary- hilarious! Keep ’em coming!

  2. I absolutely LOVE all of these!!!!

  3. Shannon says:

    OMG these are all priceless. He really does look like he’s off his rocker with excitement.

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