a big hunk of boxer love

the oohs and awwws coming from his momma and gran-momma as they viewed the images from this session, mirrored my reaction when i was first taking the images. what a face! love those soppy dirty jowls, that snaggle tooth, those sad clown eyes, that wee nub of a tail. it was easy to fall in love with this handsome boxer boy (who hails from Bellagio Boxers, in the Ottawa area). and even though it rained during most of our session, the light was magical!

i double-dog dare you not to be cast under the spell of gryphon…

6 responses to “a big hunk of boxer love”

  1. Eileen says:

    An absolutely gorgeous dog – such personality in those eyes!! His family must totally dote on him! Now I want one!!! 🙂

  2. Machteld Billen says:

    My boy!! So stunning!!!!

  3. OMG So cute!! Great pictures!

  4. Monika Lapczynski says:


  5. cathy little says:

    he should be in a calendar! adorable!!

  6. trish mennell says:

    Boxers were made to be photographed! We have a 17 wk old boxer and are so, so in love.
    Beautiful shots, Marcia!

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