boney maronies

my dogs love raw bones. it’s their absolute favourite treat. when my mom calls the dogs and yells, “who wants a boney maroney?”, they all come running! everyone gets their own and everyone is happy for a few hours.

i usually get a bag of chopped up marrow bones from one of my local butchers (organic if possible) for a couple bucks.

the other day, i walked past THE FRIENDLY BUTCHER on the Danforth and i stopped in to see if they had any bones. they did…in fact they make their very own smoked marrow bones just for dogs. at $5 a pop, my dogs were about to get the treat of their life.

as soon as i got home, they called me out right away…they could smell right though the packaging and the bag. so, i took them out in the backyard (no bones allowed in the house) and waved them in front of their noses. i have never in my life witnessed as many lip-smacking licks as i did that day. thank you friendly butcher!

now if only if they could send me a lifetime supply…

yes, by the way, they eventually got the bones (i only teased them for a minute)

Tichka will do anything for a delicious bone…even sneeze on command (see it to believe it).

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  1. georgie says:

    i love the tongue action!! om nom nom 😀

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