project kitty den

today is Labour Day. it’s a rainy-tea-drinking-cosy-up-and-watch-a-good-movie-afternoon-nap kinda day. man, that sounds good…i might just do all of that.

i think i have worked hard enough this weekend to deserve a little break.

i actually managed to accomplish a huge task over the past few days…one that i have been wanting to tackle for a long long time…I ORGANIZED THE BASEMENT!!!!!!!

now, i know there are many of you out there like me…you keep moving the upstairs mess downstairs, saying to yourself, “i’ll organize it later.” well, many laters and it had become an extreme obstacle coarse to even empty Cameron’s litter. it was scary…not quite hoarders, but still…let’s just say that the basement always got skipped on the home tour.

as most of you know, i recently brought a new kitten home. i temporarily turned the kitchen into his safe haven, while he was settling in. once he got comfortable (which he did, much sooner than i had estimated), my plan was always to give him full run of the house…including the basement. only thing was that it wasn’t a safe place for a curious kitten to explore. so my motivation was forced early this long weekend to finally get my basement in order for the cats to have a play area. i was also motivated by the fact that i no longer wanted the stench of cat litter near where i cook (yes, sometimes i do that).

i actually started late Friday night, throwing out empty boxes (no, i’m never going to need the gargantuan box my tv came in…talk about what a huge realization that was!). early the next morning i went shopping, picked out some vinyl tiles (to cover the plywood sub-floor) and storage bins to organize my old boxes. by 10am Saturday morning “PROJECT KITTY DEN” was in full effect.

now, i didn’t take any before photos (i know…you’re disappointed), but i am satisfied about how the after looks. don’t be blown away…my house is going on 100 years old next year and she looks it. but she still deserves some love. now it’s not 100% complete yet. i still need to move the bookshelves to finish tiling and finish organizing the other half of the space (not pictured), including the tool bench area (i’ll make you proud scott, i promise) and finish tiling around the sink and toilet.

but the kitties have their safe play area and that makes me happy. hope they are too.

3 responses to “project kitty den”

  1. Cec says:

    WOW – it’s unrecognizable! Good work!

  2. Kristen says:

    Wow looks great Marcia. Come do mine…hahaha kidding. I would never submit a good friend to that gross task. Love the photos glad Cameron likes her new friend finally.

  3. Dawn says:

    Marcia, Just started my basement. I won”t be quit as energetic as you and tile the floor. but I am organizing boxes. Great job girl!!.

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