the riverdale gang

remember these little monsters?

well, i had the pleasure of visiting with the crew again the other day at their new foster home. they are 8-weeks old and thriving! they are full of piss and vinegar, as all kittens are. notice that their eyes have all changed from the newborn blue. poor mama cat, who is as sweet as can be, has been having some health issues and is being cared for by the vet. they are hoping she is over the worst and is on the mend. i do too!

there are 4 male kittens and 1 female (the black one) available for adoption (along with momma, who is no more than a year old herself) and are named after the Riverdale Gang.

they are available through Toronto Cat Rescue. the adoption fee is $175 and includes de-worming and vaccinations as well as covering the cost for spaying or neutering, when they are the appropriate age. in my opinion, that is an absolute steal for all the cuteness and love you will be bringing into your home. ideally they would love to adopt them out in pairs or at least into a household with another cat. they are all already comfortable around dogs too.

perhaps one little one might come home with me…cameron has made it clear to me that she wants a friend.

UPDATE August 18, 2010: sad news…momma cat, who they lovingly named Smootka, passed away today. rest in peace sweet girl. your kittens will be taken care of.

UPDATE September 2, 2010: they have all been adopted (yes, i took Archie)

meet ARCHIE (the one who stole my heart)

JUGHEAD (his markings even look like a little crown)

VERONICA (with her raven hair)

REGGIE (check out those big ears!)

and MOOSE (the little red fireball!)

6 responses to “the riverdale gang”

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  2. Kristen says:

    They are so adorable Oh my God I want one I wonder if Jamie would let me…I for sure think you need to take one home for Cameron come on whats one more animal?

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  4. Eileen says:

    Oh they’re gorgeous!! I wish I wasn’t allergic! I’d love little Jughead!! 🙂

  5. Krista says:

    How wonderful to see these – even if I’m a little behind! We adopted our lovely little Gomez from Toronto Cat Rescue and could not be happier with our guy. He looks a little like your Archie. So important to encourage people to adopt from this wonderful organization.

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