mouse vs. mouse

you know those unbelievable moments in romantic comedies where it seems soooooooo set-up that you can’t imagine it happening to someone in real life? i used to be a major sceptic of those scenes, but over time i have come to the realization that many situations in my own life are just as far-fetched. like the time i caught myself on fire and didn’t notice right away. it evolved from simply thinking to myself, “some thing’s burning” to having to drop and roll. or just today, when i was making a tuna and bean salad out of the last ingredients in my kitchen and just as i reached for the peppermill on the shelf, it tipped over, falling on a wine glass (which is NEVER on that counter) and smashing it into a million pieces…most of those pieces falling into the salad. teeny pieces of glass in my salad…the only food in the house!

yes, my life definitely feels like a rom-com (just waiting for the ‘rom’ moment to come along). the way it’s going lately i wouldn’t be surprised if i meet my future husband after hitting him with my car!

okay kidding aside, here is the story of my current ridiculousness…

the other day i was in the kitchen and heard a teeny squeak coming from under the kitchen counter. i went to investigate it and discovered cameron had a mouse trapped underneath the kitchen block. seeing as she was just staring it down, as it hid behind the corner leg, i thought it would be safe to run and grab my little camera from my purse and try to grab a shot of the hostage situation.

now, mice don’t freak me out at all (not that i live in squalor and see them often)…but i think they’re cute! so i wanted to catch and release him outside.

FUN FACT: my childhood nickname was ‘mouse’. my aunt martha chose a different animal name for all of us…and there didn’t seem to be a method to her madness. by the way, a huge thanks to my brother for keeping the nickname alive…NOT!

anyway, i picked up a clear tupperware container as my humane trap of choice, got down on the floor and squeezed myself into the corner of the kitchen block to rescue the little guy. as i went to lay the container on top of ‘the squeaker’, cameron got frisky, there was a scuffle and then…he was gone! POOF! NO MOUSE!

now cameron didn’t have him in her clutches and he didn’t run past me (where tichka was waiting patiently to get in on the action). on further inspection i noticed a crack in the wall, big enough for ‘jerry’ to squeeze himself out to safety.

well…situation over.

…or so i thought.

i went about my business in the kitchen. after a few minutes, i felt an itch on my left wrist. i started scratching under the sleeve of my hoodie. then i felt a lump in the sleeve at my wrist (are you starting to cringe?!). my first thought was that i was a dryer sheet balled up and stuck in the sleeve. as i folded back the sleeve at my wrist i saw…A TAIL!


i started screaming and jumping around like a freak and ended up tossing him free onto the kitchen floor.

(once again, i am not afraid of mice, but seriously?!!! it startled the heck out of me!)

can you believe in that earlier scuffle, ‘mickey’ escaped into the sleeve of my hoodie?! gotta give him props for that quick move. crafty little rodent!

as soon as he was on the floor, i jumped down to save him from the jaws of cameron. i finally successfully executed my earlier plan and trapped him in the tupperware container.

i allowed the girls to be entertained by him for a few minutes (and took some video), before i set him free in the backyard.

i’m thinking mr. mouse might not venture into our home ever again.

but seriously?! who does that happen to?! who gets a mouse up their sleeve?! oh man i had a good laugh over that.

12 responses to “mouse vs. mouse”

  1. Aron Goss says:

    **shutter** I am sooo much more of a baby than you obviously. Hilarious.

  2. georgie says:

    haha the little guy surely knew you were on his side.
    at my old apartment, a rat came up the toilet pipes and it eventually drowned because he got tired from swimming 🙁

    but…like you said…who does this happen to???!! i think i’d rather have a mouse trapped in my sleeve than have a rat die in my toilet

  3. MaryLou Fletcher says:

    Tooo funny!

  4. Kristen says:

    That is a priceless story love it…I think you need to big brother up your house so we can see the adventures of one Ms Marcia Leeder…lol

  5. Debbie Allan says:

    I think I would have had a massive heart attack on the spot if it was in my hoodie! I was freaking out at the start of the story and thinking how brave you were taking photos of it in the corner….

    NB Mice and pigeons are the most scary things in the whole world! Give me spiders any day.

    Never a dull moment in your world!

  6. This is an awesome blog! I loved your descriptions and can totally relate to those rom-com moments that are just to surreal to be believed! Kudos to you for setting Mr. Mouse free outdoors and being so quick with the camera as well. I have 3 rats for pets so having one up my sleeve wouldn’t freak me out but I can see how it would have startled you! Thanks for sharing this hilarious vignette from your life, Marcia!

  7. melissa says:

    I just screamed and shivered at my desk….eeeeek!! You are good..I don’t know what I would have done!!

  8. Pam says:

    EEEK!!! I would have done more than scream if a mouse got up my sleeve.

  9. That is hilarious! I too love little rodents, used to have lots of them as pets. I’ve graduated to bigger pets now, the feline and canine sorts, but I would have done exactly what you did and trap him and take him outside and release. “Jerry” was lucky he landed in your house and not “Sylvester’s”

  10. Jen M says:

    Thank you for the hilarious story! I definitely need to link a few cat/mouse lover friends up to your blog!

  11. I firmly believe that it would only happen to you 😉

    I am not afraid of mice either, and think they are cute….but I think I’d do the same if I found one suddenly on me….ack! glad he escaped alive 🙂

  12. Anouk says:

    Come on!!! Oh man, what a great story!!!! Seriously, you need cameras following you around wherever you go! What are the odds of that happening!? Awesome.
    Marce- you made my day. AND the pictures say so much- fantastic!!!!

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