the twin of tichka

during the saturday at WOOFSTOCK, a man walked up to my booth and said to me, “someone just stopped me…apparently i stole your dog?!”.

i looked down at the end of his leash and low and behold i saw my dog tichka…or so that was my instant reaction.

then i glanced behind my booth, and there was tichka, just sitting there as pretty as pie.

in my confusion to make sense of the situation, i must have done the head flip back and forth a few times between the two dogs (quite possibly my mouth was agape the entire time).

as it turns out his dog lyla, was the spitting image of my girl!

the reason why it was so incredibly awesome to me to find another dog who looks so much like her, is the fact that tichka was rescued from Morocco. she was a street dog, a mongrel, a mix of anything and everything, in my mind…a one of a kind!

he told me that he rescued lyla from the British Virgin Islands. how cool is that?! two street dogs form two different places on this earth that look so much alike!

now the photos i captured in those few whirlwind minutes, did not do the resemblance justice. in person it was uncanny to see them side by side and it was freaking me out a little bit. their colouring, the white patch on their chests, the paws, the eyes, eyebrows, nose, whiskers, tail…all so weird! when tichka was a puppy, her ears used to flop exactly like lyla’s do, but they changed over time.

so andrew and lyla…i hope we meet again, so i can better capture their likeness.

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  1. Lesley says:

    It was me who saw them and accused poor Andrew of stealing Tichka… I was sure it was her but just as words were out of my mouth I suddenly wasn’t sure because Lyla is just a little bit smaller. We were on our way out with a crashing toddler or I’d have joined in the fun of seeing your expression!

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