the beasts and the butterfly?

during our walk down at the beach, we stumbled upon a recently deceased ‘winged creature’. i had never seen anything like it before (and neither had the dogs, who were very interested in it). i only wished that i had my macro lens with me to capture it’s details close-up. i actually considered bringing it home with me, but i didn’t have anything to safely carry it in.

at the time i thought it to be a butterfly (duh marcia…butterflies have thinner and less furry bodies!).

after much research i can properly identify it as a Cecropia Moth, Hyalophora Cecropia. it is one of the largest moths found in North America.

pretty cool.

UPDATE August 2013: this is what it looks like as a caterpillar…also pretty cool!


2 responses to “the beasts and the butterfly?”

  1. Deb Cull says:

    Wonderful shots!!!

  2. How completely exotic! So it was just laying there? Did the dogs find it, or did you spy it first?

    I love how l.d. is posing with it 😉

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