my signs of summer

i had so much fun photographing my signs of spring, i decided to continue my tell-tales with each new season that sneaks up on us.

now, i know summer here isn’t officially for another few weeks, but i’m seeing the signs already…

1. excessive amounts of tongue is on display during our walks.

2. a sunburnt doggy nose.

3. the backyard grass goes faster than i can keep up with. it’s a good thing i have my own personal landscaping team.

4. extremely filthy footwear (thank me for sparing you the close-up photo of my dirty feet).

5. time to light up the yard. “those patio lanterns, they were the stars in the sky. those patio lanterns, lighting up our lives.” (ya, you know the song)

6. i haven’t worn jeans in over week! every other season my clothing style is quite tomboy-esque, but when summer comes along i girlie-it-up by wearing dresses and skirts almost every single day. last count: i have a summer dress for every day of the month.

7. more trips to the cottage.

8. one word: popsicles.

autumn is just around the corner…

5 responses to “my signs of summer”

  1. Debbie Allan says:

    Love the summer dress collection! I am enjoying this early start to summer too, visits to the pool, ice cream and not wearing jeans!
    Happy Summer

  2. wowza that is a lot of dresses! I don’t own a single sun dress….not one 😉

  3. Crystal says:

    I’m the same with the dresses, I refuse to wear pants in the summer! And I spot at least 2 cherry dresses, love!

    And I spotted Cameron the grass eater!

  4. Angela says:

    It’s so great that Cameron flosses!

  5. Janet says:

    Happy First day of summer! Love the pictures, now I can’t get the song “Patio Lanterns” out of my heads. Its competing with my official song of June 21 “Are You Ready For The Summer?” from the movie “Meatballs”.

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