It’s A Dog’s {Cottage} Life

we took a brief break from the city this past long weekend and went to the cottage, where my parents live. the dogs sure enjoyed themselves. they spent their time swimming, chillin’ on the dock, fishing, catching flies, frolicking, eating treats, relaxing in the hammock, going for boat rides to name a few. it really is a dog’s life. as a joke we refer to the cottage as NANNY BOOT CAMP, because they are incredibly active there and when they come home they are exhausted!

my boy goes takes himself out for a little swim almost every hour.

Kea catching flies on the dock. Tichka enjoying a treat on the lawn before someone tries to sneak it from her.

naptime for Tichka.

it’s sun-tanning time for Tichka. bird watching. Tichka enjoys catching flies as well. got one! yum!time to fish. boat ride time! Kea loves to go fast in the boat!time for some relaxing in the hammock…my happy place. let’s go for a paddle boat ride! time to swim to shore…go Kea! go Tishers! go DD! the wet and crazy monsters meet us back at the dock…who’s excited?! someone sure is! and Kiki too!sorry Tichka, it’s time to go home. we’ll come back soon. i promise.

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