retro rewind

i love vintage photographs! when i walk into a new home i love scouring the rooms for old family photos. i have collected many of my own family’s photographs that span many generations…most of them waiting to be scanned (i know you hear me there).

one of my absolute favourite images that i have is a portrait of my nana (my dad’s mom, who passed away in 1987) as a child with her terrier mix, rags.

it’s a simple professional portrait, but there is something about it that has always drawn me in. is it the late 1930’s decor? her serene face (which reminds me of my sister)? her adorable haircut? shoes i covet? her sweet little hands: one resting on her leg and one on her dog? rags’ awesome big ears (that remind me of another generously eared boy)?

it also occurred to me that this photographer did then exactly what i am doing now…in-home portraits. yes, times and styles have changed but our purpose remains the same – to capture moments in time that will be cherished and passed on to our children and our children’s children to enjoy. i honestly get chills every time that i remember that i am helping to create a family’s legacy.

i am starting a fun new series of flashbacks as i sort through my family images…some including dogs, some embarrassing…should be fun!

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  1. Debbie Allan says:

    What a fantastic idea, Marcia. Great photography. The dog looks a little like a Gremlin. Such a treasure.

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