sweet and shy nikki

sweet nikki…she is possibly the shiest dog i have ever met. a bichon frise/shih tzu cross, she was rescued from a breeder when she was 4 years old.

she had litters of puppies and when it was time to retire she went to a lovely home, where she became the perfect companion for an elderly lady.

sadly nikki’s companion has since passed on and she now resides with that lady’s son and is quite smitten again.

i just love her expressive, yet shifty eyes. she would sit there so quietly, still as a statue, and the only part of her that moved were her eyes. she’s definitely an observer.

it took her time to warm up to the camera…at first she hid in the corner of the couch. we had to start off indoors due to the rainy day, but the first break in the gloomy day we went outside for a little walk in the back garden. how cute are those muddy little paws?!

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