farewell mabel

recently i started tichka and l.d. with a new dog walker from pet partners. i was hoping that they would be on their best behaviour for donna. so when she brought them back to the house and told me the fantastic news that my guys bonded with two schnauzers, named ghemme (pronounced gemma) and matilda i was so relieved and very excited. animalwellness2006

but i questioned, “don’t you mean ghemme and mabel?’.

the reason i asked is because in 2005 and 2006 tichka used to go for walks with two schnauzers named ghemme and mabel, with anne of camp scooby. we also used to meet them in the park on a regular basis. they were part of the group that were my patient early subjects while i was honing my skills as an animal photographer. ghemme was in fact mabel’s mother and they were inseparable. i even made ghemme a star on the cover of animal wellness magazine in the fall of 2006.

yes, as it turns out, i was thinking of the same dogs, but donna told me the sad news that mabel had passed away early this year and that matilda was the family’s new puppy.

that news absolutely broke my heart! i remember mabel as being so shy and quiet and she had such a sweet face, as you can see from the photos below. absolutely beautiful!

as sad as it was to hear the tragic news of mabel’s passing, i find comfort in that fact that tichka and ghemme are old friends reunited and matilda is perfectly matched for l.d….they’ll give each other a run for their money.

so long gorgeous girl.

mabel01mabel02 mabel03 mabel04 mabel05 mabel06 mabelghemme01 

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