bathtime for cameron

yesterday i attempted something that i have never done before…

a task that was incredibly daunting…

i never thought i would survive to tell the tale…


i heard horror stories of friends trying to bathe their cats and those tales alone freaked me out, so i had never even considered attempting it. recently i noticed some little bites on her back (yet never found a flea), so i figured a bath with an organic oatmeal soap would help her soothe her skin as well as rid any little critters that may be hiding.

she was briefly caught in the rain once before, so i knew she had experienced a little dampness, but she has never been fully dunked in the sink and soaped up by me, so i had no idea what to expect.

p.s. it was not as horrible as i thought it would be!

mainly because my cat cameron is awesome! she’s social and adventurous outdoors, yet she still loves attention from people. she comes when called and she meows on command. she’s quite the character…she enjoys hanging out on the roof of the kitchen, lounging around my neck like a stole whole i walk around (why don’t i have a photo of that?!) and purrs on my lap when i’m on the computer…not to mention that she’s a champ simply for putting up with her canine siblings as well as she does.

i actually believe that she’s a dog trapped in a cat body, mainly for the fact that she didn’t hold a grudge against me just because i gave her a bath (all of you out there with cats know exactly what i’m talking about).

now i had to hold her from jumping out of the sink, but there were no wild meows or thrashing about. note to those of you who plan to attempt this at home: clipping their nails before bath-time is a fantastic idea!

i towel-dried her off then let her loose to shake it off (she reminded me of a porcupine). she licked herself (non-stop, which made it impossible to get any eye contact from her) until she was mostly dry. soon after i found her snuggled up on the bed. so i wrapped her up in the douvet and she had a good nap. we’re still friends.

next order of business: those stinky dogs!

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4 responses to “bathtime for cameron”

  1. Sarah Moffat says:

    Hi Marcia!
    Great pics! I laughed out loud! I have never washed my buddy Fidget… hmmmmmm…. might be fun?!??

  2. Just getting my cat’s toes clipped is a job and half, let alone bathing her… You are a trooper and I’m sure you have the war wounds to prove it!

    Great pics once again 🙂

  3. Joanna Holley says:

    Marcia your baby is sweet! Pippinski enjoys water. He used to sit at my feet while I showered when he was a kitten. Now he just runs into the shower once I’ve turned the water off, so he can lick up all the puddles and get his feet wet.

  4. sophie mckay says:

    hi marcia,
    i have no idea why you think cameron has forgiven and forgotten. my take on the first photo was she will wait until the time is right..
    i have bathed several cats..for the same reasons you gave. it is not a good idea, and i will never do it again. but if you feel you have to…spray or pour water over them..never try put them into a tub or sink…they will fight for their lives!

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