the legend of the white squirrel

i have heard the tales of the infamous albino squirrel of toronto’s trinity-bellwoods park, but only yesterday did i prove his existence first-hand.

we were just walking through the park, after having a lovely brunch, and all of a sudden there he was! we were all very excited. i quickly took out my camera and followed him around for 5 minutes.

he was a modeling rock star…continually giving me fantastic eye contact. perhaps by now he is used to posing for the camera. i’m sure he was just wondering, “when the heck is this crazy lady going to leave me alone so i can come down and gather food?!”

‘whitey mcredeyes’ (as he’s been dubbed in the neighborhood) is pretty well-known to all the park regulars and there is even a local coffee shop named after him. in fact, a few park peeps also told me that he is not alone…he is one of at least two white squirrels in the park and that they are descendants from a bloodline that’s been around for decades!

i hope he continues to live a long and happy life (note to self: never bring my dogs to this park).

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One response to “the legend of the white squirrel”

  1. I don’t think he wanted you to leave! Look at those poses! Derrick Zoolander could learn a thing or two from ‘ol McRedEyes.

    Beautiful pics, by the way.

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