farewell sam

last saturday was an absolutely heartbreaking day for me. not only did i have a now i lay me down to sleep session, but i also shared the very last walk with a handsome dog named sam. sam is a neighborhood dog that we see on a regular basis at the park. sam’s health had been rapidly deteriorating and his family made the heart-wrenching decision for him not to suffer anymore.

it was a beautiful sunny early-fall day…yet a tad chilly, so sam wore his best jacket. he was in good spirits…tail up, prancing around. he even played with his doggy brother chaz for the very first time (which got us all choked up). sam was given carte blance to eat as much dirt as he wanted from his favorite hole, which bordered on a warming ray of sunshine. he received kisses and love from everyone we passed. it was a great day for sam.

looking into his soulful eyes, i knew that he was aware of exactly what was going to happen that day and yet he still chose to go out in style.

class act.

goodbye friend.

p.s. his family later told me that he passed away peacefully as they held him close.







3 responses to “farewell sam”

  1. Diana says:

    Great Photos of Sam!
    Beautiful work too!

  2. lisa says:

    beautiful pictures of a wonderful subject!

  3. christina spence-sales says:

    Dear Marcia,
    As Sam’s grandmother I shared in the sadness of his illness. I am so proud of AnnaBelle & Scott, their love & care for Sam was exemplary. I know how much your photographs mean to them. I am also a Labour & Delivery Nurse at Sunnybrook & have seen examples of your group’s “now I lay me down to sleep” photographs, they are beyond words. Your work is a blessing.
    Christina Spence-Sales

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