Julie Fader

it’s no secret that i love to surround myself with creative people…singers, photographers, writers, dancers…you name it!

just before i left for my hiatus, i had the privilege to photograph a person who’s artistic talent i greatly admire. i feel very fortunate that i can also call her my friend.

julie fader is singer/songwriter/musician/artist extraordinaire.

this tuesday september 8, 2009, julie is releasing her first full length solo album entitled ‘outside in’. while this is julie’s first solo effort, she is a seasoned pro on the canadian music circuit and had toured worldwide with the chad van gaalen band, great lake swimmers, and the sarah harmer band…all of who contributed vocals on ‘outside in’. she also plays a mean flute!

chris bowman of maximum fun describes ‘outside in’ as…

a sonically gorgeous, multi-layered record full of warms textures and heartfelt sentiment.”

i was fortunate enough to have my own private listening session during our photography shoot at her home in downtown toronto…the very place where pieces of ‘outside in’ were recorded with the help of producer graham walsh, holy fuck member and julie’s other half (in no particular order). julie’s voice is beautifully haunting…so honest and pure. my goal was to reflect these feelings in the photographs.

and how could i resist not adding julie’s other love, her pretty (and highly acrobatic) cat peeper, to the day?!

please check out her myspace to hear some of the sumptuous tracks from ‘outside in’, which is available for purchase next week.

julie’s myspace
to purchase outside in (also available on itunes)
chris bowman’s julie fader interview

eiluj i wish you all the success in the world. you are a true talent.







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