alfie, miso honey paws & pippinski the wondercat

with names like those, how could these cats not be filled to the brim with personality?!

alfie and pippinski, the devilishly handsome devon rexes, were possibly the most unique looking feline fellows that i have ever met, while miso honey paws, the ragdoll kitten, was such a darling little bundle of energy.

with his huge ears, all white body and exceptional eyes, alfie was referred to by his family as the alien cat. they have imagined that if monsieur pippinski could speak, it definitely would be with a parisian french accent…check out his mustache and i bet you can envision the same.

i had an abosolute hoot with this trio of kitties, as they allowed me to follow them all around their home to their favourite hang out spots…usually winding back up on the kitchen table, which was in very close range to the birdcage…coincidence? i think not!





4 responses to “alfie, miso honey paws & pippinski the wondercat”

  1. Annette Synowiec says:

    Great Shots Marcia! Love em. witnessing your patience, playfulness and professionalism when you were shooting the kitties is testament of how much heart you put in when taking your photos.

  2. Alexandra Laughlin says:

    Wow – what beautiful shots! You really brought out their natural gorgeousness! 🙂

  3. joanna holley says:

    marcia, thank you so much for this opportunity. i’ve been boasting about the shots at every chance i get. in fact, the guy at work who’s wife just had a baby isn’t showing off his pictures as much as i am! lol. you’ve got incredible talent. my friends all think that my home looks like something out of H & G and you made my kitties look stunning. more than that, your pictures show them the way i feel about them – does that make sense? i’ll have to get you to do my other kiddo sometime -the human one. 🙂

  4. Caryn says:

    I’m a friend of Joanna’s and you captured both her kitties AND her apartment so well. Very compelling shots.

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